How the Sport Performance Assessment and Sport Success 360° System Work

When your organization signs up for Sport Success 360°, your members have access to the Sport Performance Assessment (SPA) exam, the Sport Success 360° reference guide, and the Sport Success 360° coaching certification exam.

The Sport Performance Assessment (SPA) is only test designed to immediately help an athlete examine their level of athletic mental toughness by measuring key athletic performance variables including confidence, focus, resiliency, arousal control, and mental preparation.

After completing the SPA in just a few minutes, the athlete receives a comprehensive, overall score as well as individual performance scores. The unique trend data feature also allows you to take the SPA as many times as you want over the course of a season, providing the athlete customized, cumulative reports that clearly show how their scores (and athletic mental toughness) change over the course of a season.

The end result of using the SPA is that as the athlete's scores improve, so too will their athletic mental toughness and athletic success!

When your youth sport organization signs up, all the athletes, parents, and coaches in your organization gain access to the Sport Success 360° book in three formats: an online reference guide, a downloadable PDF file, and the 360° Plus audio recording that offers additional tips, strategies, and warning signs not included in the book. Optionally, the physical book may also be offered.


The Sport Success 360° coaching certification exam allows the coaches in your league study the reference guide until they are ready to take the certification exam, then take the exam as many times as they want.

Exam Overview

Exam questions consist of both multiple choice and true-false. The questions are presented in a random order with the answer choices also randomized to prevent memorization. There is no time limit to complete the exam.


Coaches can take the exam as many times as needed, with a 75% score required to successfully pass the exam.


After passing the exam, the coach can return to the website at any time to reference the material.

See the About page for more information about Dr. Christopher Stankovich, the creator of the SPA and Sport Success 360° systems.

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