About Sport Success 360°

Sport Success 360° is a “hands-on” resource guide for parents, coaches, and student athletes full of tips and insights around today's psychosocial issues and concerns regularly experienced in youth and interscholastic sports.

Written by Dr. Chris Stankovich, Sport Success 360° is packed with practical advice, tips, and insights that can be immediately applied so that you can maximize the youth athletic experience while at the same time minimize unhealthy and unsafe training procedures.

Immediately improve your youth sports league by learning about: Youth sport burnout, sport retirement, performance supplements, healthy boundaries, sport specialization, controlling emotions, playing time, year-round training, travel leagues, pre-season meetings, pay-to-play, handling cuts, moving from school-to-school, holding kids back in school, quitting, injury recovery, creating optimal balance, athletic transferable skills, performance enhancement, choking, and playing your best!

The Sport Performance Assessment (SPA) is only test designed to immediately help an athlete examine their level of athletic mental toughness by measuring key athletic performance variables including confidence, focus, resiliency, arousal control, and mental preparation.

Dr. Christopher Stankovich

Dr. Stankovich received his Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling from The Ohio State University with an emphasis of study in Sport Psychology.  He is the founder of Advanced Human Performance Systems, a counseling & performance center in Columbus, Ohio, that offers performance-enhancement assistance to athletes, coaches, and entire athletic departments and sports leagues.  Throughout his career Dr. Stankovich has assisted literally thousands of athletes, ranging from professional/elite-level to youth level in the areas of athletic performance enhancement, life skills and career development, and psychosocial issues and concerns.

Dr. Stankovich is the author/co-author of a number of books, including “The Parents Playbook,” “Positive Transitions for Student Athletes,” and “Mind of Steel,” and has also had his work published in several scholarly journals.  He is recognized as “The Sports Doc” for his weekly featured segment on Ohio News Network (ONN), Time Warner Cable On-Demand, and his featured column in Columbus Parent magazine. He has been featured in USA Today, ABC World News, Washington Post, The American Psychological Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, NY Post, ESPN, and Fox National Sports Radio. 

In addition to his private practice, he has taught both psychology and business courses at Kenyon College, Otterbein College, Capital University, Wittenberg University, and The Ohio State University.

For more information about Dr. Stankovich's performance products, counseling services, or media requests please visit www.drstankovich.com.